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We’re a film production company based in the Northern Highlands and Islands of Scotland dedicated to producing quality and commercial screen outputs for audiences who like our stories.

Who We Are

Alistair Murray

Alistair Murray

An eclectic blend of businessman, consultant, author and scriptwriter with a background ranging from oil exploration to managing award-winning projects and running companies. He has facilitated varied regional creative activity and produced all Big Box film output to date.

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Charlie Wilson

Charlie Wilson

Ex actor and international theatre director who switched to direct TV projects with BBC Scotland, BBC Regions, Channel 4 STV and SKY. He is Programme Leader for a Contemporary Film Making degree and has directed all Big Box ‘experiential’ films.

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What We're Up To

We've an audacious vision to build a motion picture industry in the far north of Scotland and we’re half way through a long term plan to produce feature films for global audiences using a cinematic ensemble blueprint.

Why are we doing this? Because we believe film activity in Scotland is currently driven from the ‘outside’ with conventional sector support limiting finance and access into the industry.

But there are still great authentic stories out there so we've been slowly and quietly setting our stall out by spending time on the ground building capacity, people and aspirations.

This has included making a number of ‘training’ shorts, seeding and helping build a brand new regional film degree and completing pre-production for feature one.

Now we’re ready to fund it, make it and show it.

First Feature

Out of the Ground (Sisters Curse) tells the story of two young sisters from the UK’s urban South, who on the death of their mother discover a mystifying family secret revealing a concealed Scottish heritage.

Intrigued, they travel north to a strange dramatic landscape unwittingly triggering a doorway to an older indigenous ‘otherworld’ that unleashes a tumult of emotions amongst the remote community living nearby.

Passion, jealousy, betrayal and love all leave their calling cards before the sisters ultimately realise that what matters most was always within their grasp.

Project Pipeline

Once Out of the Ground is underway the following Big Box projects are available for development:

  • Hare: A period piece of personal redemption
  • Balancing on the Edge of the World: A beautiful rites of passage
  • Dead Dog Beach: A black Comedy
  • Wild Haven: A thriller
  • King Macbeth: The True Story

We're always happy to receive new potential projects and speak with new potential partners.

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